Engineers Without Borders USA – Project Yamabal

Last month, I started working with Engineers without Borders USA – New York Professional Chapter to help with one of their three projects, this one in Yamabal, El Salvador.The team of engineering professionals is working on a 5 year partnership to bring safe water and cleaner sanitation to this rural village. Some of the things I did to help this non-profit get their technology and social media cards in order include: Identified the primary goals […]

Women in Science Fair

This week I presented at Cheltenham Elementary School’s Women in Science Fair as the first ever “computer” participant in the fair’s history.  I decided to teach the children the basic design principles – C.R.A.P. – though I had to rearrange the letters – P.A.R.C – to take into consideration my K-5th grade audience.  So we learned about Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast by assembling a poster about Toy City. To prepare for the fair, I […]