Welcome to the WildWest: When Women Take on Tech Because They Want To

A day does not go by when I don’t hear about an event from the numerous “we support women in technology” groups:  Girls in Tech, Women 2.0, Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner and Shes Geeky.  All of these groups have merit, and all have a target audience, from software developers to marketing analysts.  I’ve certainly benefited from these organizations, participating in Women 2.0’s Business Plan Competition back in 2008, attending a plethora of Girls in […]

Signs of San Francisco

Signs of San Francisco from Lindsay Tabas on Vimeo. Katie came to visit me in August 2009. She helped herself to my city of 4 years so I helped myself to her images. Through her lens, the city refreshes in my eyes. Like any person in your life, a city cannot be all things to you through thick and thin. As much as I love this city, after 4 years, I’m looking to shake things […]

Bad Usability Calendar 2009

I’ve had this calendar hanging in my office for the majority of this year. It has 48 “classic” design mistakes, and I find each one wildly entertaining. My favorite month is July because I like the idea of playing shoots and ladders with my days. Did you roll the die wrong today? Go back to last week! Select the image to visit the source site.

Rave @ Clemons Library (Univ. of Virginia)

My friend Emily Busse had a great video posted on her gchat this morning. The video shows Virginia (my alma mater, SEAS 05′) students congregating outside of Clemons Library during finals week, probably a couple days ago (video was posted on the 12th). Clemons Library is an institution at UVA; it’s 4 floors, computer lab on top, digital library on the 3rd floor, study floor on the 2nd and silent floor on the 1st. This […]