Launching One Squat Shop & the Inspiration to do it

As an overweight child, I wanted to be anyone else except for myself with my body. When I asked my parents to send me to a weight loss camp at age 14, I just started my weight loss and fitness journey. Years slogged on before I figured out what worked for me. I wrote a research paper on diet pills in high school, wrote another on online versus in-person weight loss programs in graduate school, […]

Unfortunately, Jon, that’s what Health Care is Like

In the past year, for my full-time job, I have been working with my coworkers to upgrade our electronic claims processing capabilities to the ANSI X12 837 data format, which is in EDI. Most of you know that I’m a big fan of XML over the legacy data formats, and in agreement, my team has bemoaned this project as a necessary evil. Unfortunately, the data format isn’t the worst part of working within the health […]

A Solution for Child Overweight

Anyone that knows me knows that Child Overweight is a passion of mine.  Having grown up overweight myself (I peaked at 173, 4’10” at the age of 14), I find it so heart breaking to see child overweight spreading around the country.  I know the consequences can be attributed to American culture and consumerism, as well as socio-economic status, micro-cultures and race; I know these things from my own research in developing a product for […]