Liz Barnet and the Barnet Booty Brigade (Workouts in NYC)

In honor of her father’s courageous year-and-a-half long battle with colon cancer, Liz and her family are continuing the crusade of The Barnet Booty Brigade, originally formed in 2014, by dedicating themselves to raising awareness and funds to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance. The CCA is the go-to for information about screening, research and patient support. The Barnet Booty Brigade’s goal for the 2015 CCA Undy 500 Run/Walk is a lofty $15,000 by July 17, around double what they raised last […]

The UX Designer’s Downward Dog: Designing in a Lean Environment

Don Norman said once in a lecture at the I-School that if the HCI people aren’t part of the product planning, then their value is actually lost (*paraphrased).  Possibly, in the past year or two, the importance of user experience (UX) design is rising to its appropriate place in entrepreneurship circles and startup teams. As a community, we are realizing a trained designer with a diverse skill set goes beyond the placement of buttons and […]

Welcome to the WildWest: When Women Take on Tech Because They Want To

A day does not go by when I don’t hear about an event from the numerous “we support women in technology” groups:  Girls in Tech, Women 2.0, Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner and Shes Geeky.  All of these groups have merit, and all have a target audience, from software developers to marketing analysts.  I’ve certainly benefited from these organizations, participating in Women 2.0’s Business Plan Competition back in 2008, attending a plethora of Girls in […]

Avoid Using Flash: The jQuery Cycle Plugin

My cousin Alexandra ran into an entertainment industry snafu earlier this year when an uncredited appearance on Lost gave the tv show’s internet fans free reigns to guess her name.  Unofficial credits began appearing on the photographer’s flickr photos, then TV Guide and, finally, on Lostpedia entries in English, and Spanish.  When she realized that a search of Alexandra Tobas wielded more content than a search of her correctly spelled name, Alexandra Tabas (with an […]

The Heuristic Evaluation Project

The project detailed here was created and designed by me, Lindsay Tabas, in Fall 2008.  It is based on Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristic Evaluation methodology that I learned while taking Marti Hearst’s class titled “User Interface Design & Development” in Spring 2006. Summary A Heuristic Evaluation is a usability inspection method performed systematically; it is traditionally part of an iterative UI development process and an alternative to user testing.  For this project, an evaluation was performed […]