Join the Lady Engineer’s Journey

Under, we have set a lofty goal of increasing the success rate of compassionate and people-minded start-ups. We’re doing this via our signature program, “The Lady Engineer’s Secret Advantage: A 6-week program that creates a clear path from today to investor-funded startup growth.” We envision a future where we use technology instead of technology using us.
What we believe and value:

  • Anything’s possible with the right plan
  • Growth & Learning happen outside your comfort zone
  • You can only change the world by taking action
  • Use simple visual and verbal communication to galvanize your audience.
  • Achieve anything through continuous growth & improvement.

We’re looking for people that believe in our mission. If there isn’t a role specific for you below, please e-mail us directly at [email protected]


Lindsay “Taybiss” Tabas has been designing user interfaces since 2002. Ever since then she’s been OBSESSED with designing technology for people, to support what people do. She started her career in Silicon Valley, then New York City and has returned to her hometown city of Philadelphia. She has been an entrepreneur for 3.5 years now and is leveling up her business to scale. Lindsay has also worked with 30+ startups, 60+ investors and a handful of Fortune 500 companies. She promises to:

  • Make Valuable Introductions
  • Give Thoughtful Guidance
  • Create Bridges to Dreams
  • Offer Clear & Simple Strategies
  • Honor What You Find Important
  • Deliver Academic Quality

Open Roles

Junior UX Design Role

Graphic Design Internship

Marketing Internship