Liz Barnet and the Barnet Booty Brigade (Workouts in NYC)

In honor of her father’s courageous year-and-a-half long battle with colon cancer, Liz and her family are continuing the crusade of The Barnet Booty Brigade, originally formed in 2014, by dedicating themselves to raising awareness and funds to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance. The CCA is the go-to for information about screening, research and patient support.

The Barnet Booty Brigade’s goal for the 2015 CCA Undy 500 Run/Walk is a lofty $15,000 by July 17, around double what they raised last year. But more so than money, they hope to bring awareness and discussion to a serious and relevant issue that touches many lives, both young and old.

Liz with her Dad and Family

Thursday June 11, 6-8pm (6:30pm workout): Outdoor Kick-Butt Booty-Camp with Amanda Rose Wellness

Liz is teaming up with the multi-talented Amanda Rose to co-teach their first Booty Camp. Held in the same space she hosts Backyard Yoga and Boxing classes on the Upper West Side, you can expect a total body, high-intensity blend of boxing, strength training, intervals and a yoga-inspired stretch. Liz and Amanda will be sharing their talents and passions to co-create this very special event. In addition to Liz’s regular sponsors, Amanda’s newest venture of SuperFoodFudge will be available for trial and purchase Chocolate + superfoods? Sign me up!


Saturday June 13, 2:30-4:30pm (3pm workout): SLT Booty-Burn at SLT Midtown

Liz will be teaching a class at all of the studios where she currently teaches group classes, including SLT. If there is one thing SLT is known to be beyond effective at, it would be your abs. A very close second? Your backside! You can expect a typical amount of ab-centric work, with just an extra focus that beauteous, booty-ous behind.


Friday June 19, 7-9pm (7:30pm workout): Uplift-Your-Ass(ets) at Uplift Studios

Uplift Studios is known for offering women the most well-rounded, safe and effective workout options in a welcoming and supportive environment. Liz plans to take that one step further by leading you through a workout that will not only challenge you physically and mentally, but uplift you. Since they are all about the community efforts at Uplift, you can expect some partner work, and of course, a focus on the derriere.

For all three events, tickets are a $50 minimum donation. If you wish to contribute more, or if you cannot attend but would like to donate, you can do so directly on The Barnet Booty Brigade fundraising page.

Workout with Liz Barnet: Fitness + Food Coach

For each events, the participants will be eligible for these amazing bonus gifts via raffle (described by Liz B. herself, below):

  • a 12-bottle case of TitanTea ($26 value), a fair trade, cold-brewed tea, infused with electrolytes to support hydration and ribose + caffeine for sustained energy. My days start early, end late, and are non-stop from start to finish. This tea gives me the caffeine boost I want plus the nutrition I need to keep me going all day.
  • a pair of nicepipes fitness leg warmers ($42 value). These bad boys compliment my favorite workout capris if I want to add a dash of color or a little warmth in cooler temps; once I heat things up, they come off no problem to accommodate your workout.
  • one free week of Green Blender superfood smoothie ingredient delivery ($49 value). Green Blender is my go-to to make eating healthy foods easy, affordable + delicious. They make it easy by providing a menu with recipes and pre-portioned ingredients that you just throw in the blender for a simple and healthy daily diet boost.
  • a 12-bottle case of wtrmlnwtr ($79 value). This is my favorite way to hydrate + recover post-workout; it’s full of electrolytes, superstar nutrients Vitamin C and potassium, and sans crap. Did I mention it’s unbelievably delicious?
  • A 3-pack of high performance ladies’ undies from DearKates ($77-120 value). Real talk: wearing yoga pants every day = AWESOME. Sweaty underpants? Not so much. The ladies at DearKates know a thing or two about keeping you dry and feeling good; I legitimately wear mine every day.
  • NoizyBrands wireless portable speaker or earbuds ($99-169 value). My friends at Noizy make products that not only do the job, but look great and travel well. No gym workout is complete without my earbuds that stay put, even during kettlebell swings or sprints. For outdoor clients and classes, the speakers are my savior.
  • a 5-pack of classes to 305 Fitness ($149 value), the hottest dance cardio class to hit NYC, inspired by the Miami night club scene. Squats and lunges are my jam, serious choreography is not. I love 305 for making a dance-based workout accessible and fun. If you haven’t be there to shake your bon bon, it’s a must-do!
  • a 5-pack of classes to Uplift Studios ($160 value), NYC’s premiere women’s only fitness studio. In addition to classes and personal training, we have events and community happenings for every part of your lifestyle, from nutrition to career to having a baby. I am beyond blessed to be part of the Uplift team and their Head Trainer/Instructor.

All participants will receive a swag bag including discounts to BandierLolenicepipes, NoizyBrands, and Green Blender, plus refreshments from wtrmln wtr and TitanTea.

Find Liz on Twitter at

You can stay informed about other Barnet Booty Brigade events and happenings at

If you cannot attend, but would like to participate in the raffle donation, there’s a separate link for that ($35):

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