Shorty Awards on April 20th, 2015

I volunteered at the 2015 Shorty Awards as a “seat warmer.” I had a seat right in front of the podium. By far, the crowd favorite was Bill Nye. My personal favorite was Astronaut Abby. I was also a huge fan of Hannibal Buress’s speech because he pointed out something so important: Why didn’t the Shorty Awards include samples of each social media’s stars work? Photographer – show their photos. YouTube star – show a video clip. I had the same observation. Here’s his full speech:

I also liked playing with the selfie stick at the after party without being judged. Unfortunately it hasn’t seen the light of day since…well, people look really lame using them. Here’s the best group photo I got:

In the photo: Astronaut Abby | Adriene from | Photographer Jared Ruschmann | Author James Michael Sama

Here’s the full set of photos:

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