Launching One Squat Shop & the Inspiration to do it

As an overweight child, I wanted to be anyone else except for myself with my body. When I asked my parents to send me to a weight loss camp at age 14, I just started my weight loss and fitness journey. Years slogged on before I figured out what worked for me. I wrote a research paper on diet pills in high school, wrote another on online versus in-person weight loss programs in graduate school, and I even invented a product to motivate kids to be active. I just wanted to learn what maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and feeling and looking good really meant.

At the risk of sounding cliché, it took a “future-self” exercise for me to realize that I want to blend more of my personal passion for nutrition, fitness and just-being-active-and-playing with my software design background. I have always been entrepreneurial in my career, working for small businesses and startups, but 2013 was the year to prove I could actually start something of my own. So, welcome to One Squat Shop!

One of my life goals is to figure out a way to wear workout clothes every day. Please tell me you agree?!

I carefully selected (with some help) the brands for One Squat Shop based on a few measures.

1) Can I wear these clothes for a variety of activities? We’re all doing so many different sports these days! For me, it’s CrossFit, Rock Climbing, Snow Boarding and Yoga.

2) Are these clothes well made? As my friend Jenna says, “Going into a downward facing dog and mooning the entire class is pretty much one of my worst fears. “

3) Can I wear this line anywhere? If you can wear your workout clothes while you’re working from home watching your kids, running errands after the gym, or lounging around on the weekend, I bet you’ll be more likely to be a little more active than usual. A little more pep in your step never hurts!

If my story resounds with you, or you want to share in my life goal, I would love to hear from you: shoot me a note at any time!

Come hang out, play and have fun! Because, that’s just the best way to be active, fit and healthy!!

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