Rave @ Clemons Library (Univ. of Virginia)

My friend Emily Busse had a great video posted on her gchat this morning. The video shows Virginia (my alma mater, SEAS 05′) students congregating outside of Clemons Library during finals week, probably a couple days ago (video was posted on the 12th). Clemons Library is an institution at UVA; it’s 4 floors, computer lab on top, digital library on the 3rd floor, study floor on the 2nd and silent floor on the 1st. This was the place to do group meetings, study, or just hang out (yes, there were those types).  Anyway, it looks like students were instructed to congregate in the patio area outside of Clemons library for a late night rave.  Looks like tons of fun and makes me miss the crux of the UVa comunity and education:  Work Hard, Play Hard.

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4 thoughts on “Rave @ Clemons Library (Univ. of Virginia)

  1. This is amazing, we did not do this at Notre Dame, but there was the bi-annual finals “bun run” of naked men running through the library and student union.

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